Our indomitable heroes continue their discussion of P&P.

First, they return to the issue of who is the better feminine role model—Jane or Elizabeth Bennett? Then they pile disgust on Mr. Bennett until they think perhaps they’ve gone too far. This leads to them wondering whether J.A. in fact went too far in her disgust with Mrs. B. Then they discuss the rest of the Bennetts and take a hard look at Lydia and Wickham—and the Lydia and Wickham that exist inside each one of us. It’s deep, man.

Will Brandon convince the others to go Team Jane? Will Jake find any sympathy at all for Mr. Bennett?  Will Nathan find some way to work in a summary of an old ghost story or make more fun of homeschoolers? The answers await within!

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Next week, we’ll be concluding our discussion of P&P. And all you good boys and girls will want to read ahead for our next book: East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

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