This issue is meant to be read sequentially, from cover to cover. Each piece builds upon the last. Our subject is abortion. Some of the pieces are short, some of them are long. Each one is the testimony of a Christian man or woman regarding his or her particular experience with America’s holocaust. Each story comes from just one church. And there are many, many stories even within that congregation that remain untold.

Several of these pieces are grim, some of them horrific. Yet we don’t say that this issue is not for the faint of heart. Actually, this issue was written by the faint of heart for the faint of heart. Our hope is that God will use these confessions, each one by a sinner whose only hope is the blood of Jesus, to encourage and embolden us all.

What you are about to read was partially written as a reaction to the work of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress. For a thorough understanding of where this issue is coming from, you should be familiar with the work of these modern day Davids. Our prayer is that God will bless them as they continue hurling stones. And may they, and all of us, live to see the giant come tumbling down.


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