I’m talking to a workmate of mine.

We’re pretty close. He knows I’m a Christian and he’s told me he wants nothing to do with God. One time I told him about how Jesus commands monogamous, heterosexual relationships. Only I didn’t put it like that. He proceeded to tell me if that’s what Jesus wanted, Jesus could take a hike. Only he didn’t put it like that.

Anyway, he tells me his girlfriend is pregnant. He seems scared.

“Are you going to keep it?” I ask.

“Of course I’m gonna #&@!$% keep him!” he almost screams. The question is so clearly stupid that he’s mad at me for a moment. Then the moment passes, and he says, “It’s my kid, I wouldn’t do that.”

So here I was, the Christian, and I asked him if he was thinking about murdering his baby in the blandest, most neutral way I could think to put it.

And here he was, the proud pagan, two parts horrified that I thought so low of him and one part horrified that I was such a coward.

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