In this issue of The Warhorn, your humble authors take on the issue of food. Jake Mentzel serves up a wholesome but succulent dish on the nature of feasting (“Of Harvesters and Heroes,” p. 14). Entrées are courtesy of Mrs. Dani McNeilly (“Drive-thru at 1:15,” p. 8) and Mrs. Michal Crum (“The Enemy in the Cupboard,” p. 11), a purée of drama and self-doubt, with some mommy-guilt for added spice. And Mrs. Jenna Killingsworth provides our main course, a layered confessional of sin and sanctification—it’s a little raw, but we think you’ll find it filling (“A Wall of Mirrors,” p. 4).

Also appearing in this issue is the dubious Mr. William Sheldon Washington-Jones Jr. He has an interesting take on the family meal at church (“The Family Meal of Unity and Togetherness,” p. 21). He also, we must confess, has written a song which he recorded in his bedroom and which we feel unnecessarily obligated to include for your…listening.


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