Persecution and the Christian are as inseparable as the cross and Christ. Yet, many Christians find it difficult to grapple with the history of persecution and martyrdom that has characterized the Church since her infancy.

A selective reading of history might give the mistaken impression that each day brought the imminent threat of death or torture for members of the Early Church. On the other hand, some contemporary scholars treat persecution as a myth created by later generations. Thankfully, the scholarship of Herbert Workman dispels both these misconceptions.

Workman draws on a wealth of primary and secondary sources, presenting a balanced picture of persecution from the days of the Apostles to the dawn of Christendom. But Workman is more than a scholar—he’s a Christian, which means he leaves no room for the reader to approach persecution as a casual observer. He not only demonstrates what true faithfulness looked like in the past, but equips the reader to face the future with faith and courage.

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